About us



DataCymru provides professional services to a wide range of Clients.  Computer systems engineering, software and systems integration consultancy, network engineering Рask us about the interesting projects we have worked on and what we could do for you.



95Point2 software is the brand under which we produce bespoke software for clients and publish our own software to the web, to the desktop and to smartphones and tablets.  Ask us about the software we have created and how our software solutions could help your business.




It’s the right team of people that make all the difference

DataCymru and 95Point2 is led by Dr Rob Shepherd.
With an academic background in computer systems engineering; teaching networking, distributed systems and operating systems, Shepherd performed research in the field of robotics and wireless communications to fulfil a PhD. Moving into the commercial sector he has worked at IT engineering and management levels providing solid and enterprise grade computer systems for workgroups, enterprises and public sector establishments.

Likes: Being in the outdoors, chopping firewood, running, kayaking, climbing, building things, most forms of music, adventure and a challenge



We also use hand-picked subcontracted expertise from both large professional solutions enterprises and local freelancers.



We are situtated on the edge of Snowdonia national park. We can see the mountains from our offices.

We work with clients all over Wales and rest of the UK.