What we do

What’s so important?

We have helped our clients create, publish, produce and review a wide range of software products, from ensuring critical health and safety compliance, to helping make online gaming and betting both fairer and safer.

From the very big to the very small

We have worked with embedded microcontrollers and tiny little computers the size of a box of matches.  We have also worked with huge, hot and heavy computers the size of a couple of fridges, even whole rooms full of the things.

The weird and the wonderful

We have engineered computer and network solutions at the top of a country’s highest mountain, and in the basement of the same country’s government.  (You decide which is the weird, and which is the wonderful)

The cutting edge and the day-to-day

We have performed research and development into new technologies and pioneered our own bespoke software.   We have also changed printer toners and installed anti-virus.

You need more power!

We have created software which crunches numbers on hundreds of computers simultaneously

Stop using so much power!

We have created software and applications that run on smartphones in your pocket  (nobody’s phone battery last long enough does it?)

Got to keep talking?

We have re-engineered a client’s country wide network infrastructure to make it faster, more reliable and easier to manage.  We have helped an office block stay online with hundreds of users happy surfing.

On the desktop

We have created software which works on both Windows and Mac computers

..on the Internet

We have created websites and web-based software applications that people use over the Internet from around the world

..and in the palm of your hand

We have created software and mobile apps to help business be more efficient, and be more productive

If no one else can help

We have produced reliable software the likes of which the world had never seen before, that does exactly what the client wants; nothing more, nothing less.



We don’t think that exactly what we do is so important: We are a professional services and software company, and we can do almost anything with computers and networks.

The question we ask ourselves is why do we do this?

We do this because we have great talent in computer systems and network engineering, great skills in creating software, a passion for working hard to produce exactly what our clients want, and providing solutions better than they could have imagined.  We work hard to understand requirements and get to the root of a problem.  We excel at technical innovation, and producing reliable results.

We’ll be doing this today, and tomorrow for the same reasons.

Let us know if we can work for you.